KNOWING JESUS. A moment of reflection on your Journey to More:

Almost 70 years ago, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and have known His assurance that He will take me to Heaven when I die. What an unbelievable gift!! However until about 20 years ago, I realized that I had never known Jesus the same way I've known other people. People that I could see, touch, audibly hear, and visibly see.

I knew my mom and dad, my sons, my wife, and a few other special friends in ways I didn't know Jesus. I spent hoards of time with them and knew  many things about them. I knew them through many together experiences with them. I knew many of their secrets, their frailties, and things about them that no others knew about them.

I knew Jesus in much the dame way. I knew Him as my Creator then Savior. Dedicated my life to Him at 26, and began to know Him as my Lord and Master. That was my primary relationship with Him for about 50 years.

All that is changing. About 20  years ago, I began a journey and quest to know Him as my Daddy, Friend, and today, my very Best Friend.

Today, there are increasingly more times with my Daddy that are more real, intimate, and give me more joy and excitement, than I have ever had, or could have, with anyone on this earth.

For sure, I still have my moments and times of anger (no secret to those that know me best), loneliness, fear, and letting my mouth run before my mind is in gear, but now I'm spending (investing) more and more time with Him than anyone on earth, hearing from Him in ways that I never knew possible, and experiencing a peace that I never knew was available.

It's a JOURNEY that's ALL about Him, and drawing ever closer to Jesus' Heart through Practicing more of His REALIED Presence in me AND with me. #JourneyToMore.

I would count it a great privilege to share more of this journey with you.

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