A moment of reflection on your Journey to More:

This is a MUST READ for those who have, are, or will go through great heartache and trials in this life. It will encourage your heart greatly:

First, without going into much of what the Bible says about earth's trials, I can only say my heart aches when your heart aches. In tough times, several reoccurring thoughts have encouraged me and taken me through these terrible times: (1) Tough times have made me very aware that this earth is not my Home, (2) hurt and pain makes me long all the more to be where I was created for and belong, and of great comfort,(3) God says He counts and bottles up each of my hurts and tears (Psm. 56: 8; Heb.4:15), so I've always been sure that God knows me, loves and cares for me --- personally. 

One of the most insightful and thoughtful remarks I've ever read on the subject of pain, came in a devotional booklet written by Walter Henrichsen titled, "Thoughts From The Diary of a Desperate man". Think Walter's story through carefully: 
"If we desire a satisfactory relationship with God, two pillars must be firmly anchored in our life.  We must believe that He is in control and that He has our best interest at heart. The loving Sovereignty of God must be a deeply held conviction.

When my son was dying of leukemia, a friend wrote, “I don’t know how this tragedy came about, but I do know that it did not come from God. God is not in the business of killing little children.” As I pondered his observation, I concluded that if God did not kill my son, then I have a far greater problem than my son dying. I worship a god who is not in control. God was not sitting on the edge of the universe chagrined over the disease that ravaged my son’s life. As I held my son in my arms while he slipped into eternity, I knew that I was experiencing the beautiful handiwork of God.

This naturally leads to the second essential pillar: The goodness of God. God is good. He is incapable of doing anything but good. The debate, like so many debates in life, is over who gets to determine what good looks like? Do we truly believe that the hurts of life come from the hand of a good God who only does what is best for us?

When we pass through seemingly senseless pain and the trauma that engulfs much of life...we must be content to trust in His character, rather than our ability to understand. The difference between a knife in the hand of an assassin and a knife in the hand of a surgeon is intent: both inflict severe pain. We must decide whether God is an assassin or a surgeon. But remember, our choice does not change God, only our opinion. All the risk of making the wrong choice is on us.

There are only two people in life that can hurt us: ourselves and God.  Because He is good, seeking only our best, in the final analysis, only we can destroy our life. He does not delegate our life and destiny to Satan or any other force on earth.

Without these two pillars firmly embedded in your convictions, you will find it difficult to survive the storms of life. Walter Henrichsen

I love you guys and I do pray for you. May God bless you richly!



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