A moment of reflection on your Journey to More:

Since entering my seventh decade on earth close to four years ago, I've caught myself thinking more and more about what my final hours trapped in my earth-suit will be like. What will I be feeling? Sad or excited? Anxious, afraid, uncertain, and forsaken? Contemplative or verbal?

It’s at one of these contemplative times I suddenly realized what Jesus must have felt in His final hours on earth, hanging on a cross. In His agony and suffering Jesus cried, “Father, why have ...you forsaken me?” Forsaken as God turned His Back on all the sins Jesus was bearing in our place. How terrible that separation and aloneness feeling must have been!

Then it hit me! I don’t have to face the aloneness that Jesus felt on the Cross, because Jesus faced it in my place. Thus, my passing can be a welcomed friend. In fact, I can live so consistently aware of Him, living in His realized Presence, that as I take my last earth-breath, I’ll be so caught up in talking with my Abba-Daddy, my last words will be completed as I’m face to Face with Jesus. What a glorious thought.

I’m practicing, even as I write this post.

God bless each one of you as you passionately seek His Beautiful Face.


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