A moment of reflection on your Journey to More:

Why is developing a closer and growing relationship with Jesus, then pursuing and practicing More of His Realized Presence a must in life? What, if any, are great reasons to pursue that kind of life? Exactly what's in this quest for me?

Some very common questions: “More of what”, “what does that kind of life look like and feel like”, “where do I begin”, “how do I know if I’m currently on that journey”?

If you don’t have clear, concise answers to those life-altering quest...ions, Journey to More is a must read for you this Christmas season. It would be my distinct privilege and delight to share my 50-year personal journey and quest for More of my "Best Friend" relationship with Jesus with you.

Journey To More is a ‘what is’ and how to’ examination and guide to your personal walk with God, and marks a clear path to “real life”, a life that you have always wanted but never dreamed possible, and perhaps didn’t know existed.

Look for special ‘Journey To More’ Christmas offers coming shortly.

If you’re interested in this quest and journey please let me know.
May God bless each of you as you seek More of His Beautiful

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