A moment of reflection on your Journey to More...

To fill our hunger and thirst for more…and more, we spend our lives frantically chasing things that make us feel better, look good, become more powerful, or perhaps even help us find that one special person we believe will change our lives forever. Then, when we get “it”, ---poof ---, it disappears. Then in it’s place, end up with a different kind of powerlessness, frustration and emptiness. Another something new, but short-lived. I’ve been there, oh so many times.
Through my 50 + year search for more, I found it’s ONLY in a growing, close, and intimate relationship with Jesus we find LASTING Joy and Satisfaction. Jesus is the ONLY One that can and will fill our starving hearts and souls. 
I wrote a whole book about my story for this quest. I call it Journey to More. In JTM, you will  discover real answers on how to quench that never-ending hunger and thirst for more…and more…and more, finally discovering the real More. JTM is a must read for the hungry and thirsty.  
Check it out at www.journeytomore.net.
May God bless each of you richly as you seek His Beautiful Face.
In Him, we have so much to be thankful for. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving day!

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